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Welcome to South Africa
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As you journey through our pages, we hope to give you a sense of the wonder and glory that is Africa, in particular Southern Africa

We are destination specialists. For us, it is important that those who travel with us not only see Africa, but sense Africa.

As you navigate through our web site remember it is only a glimpse of what is possible.



Our goal in the crafting of each special trip is this:
You will journey through Africa.
But when you leave Africa, it will never leave you.

          Your dream adventure begins here?

Fish Eagle
a Continent of intense beauty and unimaginable splendor, a continent of stark contrasts and diverse cultures.

It is a Place that inspires passion. From the soaring peaks of its mountains to the depths of its oceans, its beauty and spirit is seemingly endless.

It's unique blend of geography and people result in an awe inspiring and fascinating place, a place that promises to touch the soul of every traveler fortunate enough to experience it's offering
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