is also known as "One World in one Country" and this is also true in respect of the diversity of activities in South Africa.
One could therefore also say South Africa is "One World of Activities".
This is one of the reasons we dedicated a full chapter to this web site to highlight some of the activities we have to offer.

We are sure you will find one ore more special interests you might consider to plan in to your travel itinerary.

Sungate Travel caters for your special travel interests and looks forward to work out for you an itinerary based on your special travel needs & interests like:

Diving , Horseback Safaris, Photography, Bush Walks, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Bungee Jumping, Game Ranger Training, Caravanning, Cultural Tours, Golfing, Sailing Excursions, Weddings, Bird Watching, Botanical, ..........

To find out more on these activities go to "Special Interests" on the navigation bar.