Capture the freedom of the road!!

Imagine discovering this great land independently on a trip designed the way you want.
On an independent vacation, you have the freedom to choose a variety of experiences.
You can select from a wide choice of pre-planned itineraries designed to showcase the best of South Africa by car, motorcycle, camper vans & motor homes .
You also may make changes to these itineraries to suit your interests and budget best.
Combine this with the comfort of knowing your hotels are all booked for you, and your route has been timed and carefully plotted so it's all an enjoyable drive .

For those of you traveling alone or would prefer not to self drive or have a private driver/guide, you do not need to lose out. Join a scheduled day or overland tour in a minibus or coach, along with other travelers from all over the globe.

Your fellow travelers will be like minded people, all keen to sit back and watch the highlights of Southern Africa unfold each day.
Most of this scheduled, escorted tours are guided in different foreign languages and can be booked accordingly.

Escorted Overland tours are available from a few days up to 3 weeks.

We also can assist you in booking various day tours like a city tour. These escorted day tours collect and drop off their guests at the most major hotels.

Please contact us for more information on these tours.